Manifesting – Why and How it Works

If you don’t like the way your world appears, change how you look at your world. Anything you’re considering that feels to you is in your past, bad –even if it was only a moment ago. Change the way you feel about your feelings and your past will change. You will become lighter as if someone took the burden of the world .

How are you going to attest the thing you would like in life? First of all, realize that no problem (every problem is an opportunity to learn and to grow) ever presents itself in your world without concurrently presenting the solutions. You will see those solutions or feel or hear or whatever measurements it takes for you to be in, the answers will become apparent to you because now you know they are there.

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The same thing happens with desires. You would not be feeling unless you were able and prepared to achieve it, that desire ; to manifest it. Here is the thing about your time and Divine time–Divine will bring it to you if it’s right for you. It will manifest in your world if you are the person that you need to be in order.

If you are not that person, the fact that you have a desire will cause synchronistic events to happen so you will end up who you will need to be to have so that desire becomes real in your own world that become your reality.

Would it make sense for you if you were not prepared to handle the responsibilities to have that dream job? No. However, when you proceed to the location where you are able to deal with all of them, then that job will occur instantly for you.

Well, it is going to appear if there’s no doubt, and everything on earth is in alignment. That job must be in your highest and best interest.

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