Waco’s Four Highest Paid Men – How Could They Help?

Made In China

Made In China

Would the top earners for the City of Waco donate 10% for the betterment of Waco? All around Waco and even around our nation, products like the ones you see to the left are sold to us by a number of different national distribution centers or outlet stores. The sad thing about this is the fact that we allow most of the products we buy to be made in China or some other foreign country.  It makes no sense to me for us as a people NOT to begin developing plans for manufacturing. It wouldn’t be hard to create well paid work opportunities by making our own plastic toys, coozies, sports equipment, Waco memorabilia, household items, clothing and other marketable goods. But we’re supposed to believe that it’s beyond our abilities, we’re not smart enough or it’s not affordable...

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True Power To Change!

I’m excited to write about this subject because it’s probably the biggest frustrations for me with the people leading our city and our nation.

What does it mean to have power and influence? Is it money or fame? Is it a political position or public office? NO, it’s none of those things! Look at all the rich and famous people out there; think about the politicians or appointed public officials that have made millions on the backs of the American citizen. They claim to have power but do nothing to change the systematic oppression taking place around our country! If they don’t go along with the system they are called names, painted as crazy or straight up lied about by today’s media. Politics has become a game of who can raise the most money to buy radio and T.V...

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Help Us Spend Our Money!

     We are currently sitting at $192.00! As we continue to receive contributions, not only will we be publishing each donation with initials, dates and cities, but we will not spend one penny without first involving “We The People” ,(YOU) into our planning process! Click here GROWTH for list of contributions

     Proverbs  15:21 says “Where there is no counsel, plans fail; but in a multitude of counselors they are established.” I see my community as the council that we need! Polatik’s Entertainment has been something I have been trying to build all on my own for a long time. Today, I’m inviting you to be a part of what we are and a part of what we are becoming.

Listen to “The Activist Show”, this Sunday at 1pm to learn more about how you can be a part of making decis...

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What Can One Man Do?

This question was presented as the title of an amazing book I read in 2012 “What Can One Man Do? How to Restore the Republic and Establish the New Guard”. Joseph Spencer inspired me greatly with this detailed strategy for holding leaders accountable and protecting citizens from a government interested only in greed and corruption.

I’ve heard this question asked over and over, from all different kinds of people. I’ve even heard it stated; “One man can’t do anything”! If you look at our nation and our cancerous culture of broken families; our addictions to pleasure, visionless youth and the lawless corruption of leadership, it’s evident that honorable individuals capable of impacting society as a whole are sleeping on the power that God has given us...
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Could You Spend $625,833.00 Every Day?

The City of Waco, Texas Can! Totaling Two Hundred Twenty-Eight Million, Four-Hundred Forty-Seven Thousand, Five-Hundred and Thirteen Dollars planned for This Year! And doesn’t include the $178,000.00 A DAY donated to local churches, but I’ll get to that next.

I don’t want to seem overly critical but if spending by the city has increased over the last 50 years with a promise for a better Waco, why has poverty increased and education decreased over the same time frame?

Are we truly investing in a better future for our citizens or are we unintentionally investing in a system that has not worked for over 50 years? Don’t mistake this with a criticism of the people leading our city. What I’m doing is trying to spark conversation about thinking outside the box...

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I’m Experiencing A Power Struggle!

For those of you that have been following my recent activity, you probably noticed that I did not post anything today. Last night I messed up the charger for my macbook and it is completely dead! I do all my work on my laptop, I’m posting this on my daughters tablet, lol. There’s no way I could post anything lengthy like this. I’m working on getting a new charger but it might be a few days before I can make it happen. I’ll continue posting on Facebook and here on my website, and “The Activist” radio show is still on for this weekend, Sunday, 1pm to 1:30! This weekly blog talk program will be your way to join in the discussion, challenge my positions or call in to support. Look for links to the show on my Facebook over the next few days. Polatik’s Entertainment! Walk what we talk!

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Is It Illegal To Provide Dental Care For The Poor?

Do We Have Liberty?


Consider this hypothetical situation, and please comment if you disagree with anything I present, I’m completely open to a respectful debate.

A young man or woman becomes determined to figure out a way to help citizens in a poor community immediately access affordable minor dental care. This young man or woman knocks on many doors in their respective low-income community and meets a number of neighbors willing to partner with them to figure out a solution for this problem. This group of concerned citizens then decides to meet weekly in order to research minor dental procedures such as cleaning teeth...

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Now You Can Watch Us Grow!

House Of Representin’

My website now has a page called “Growth”, where each donation will be posted with the initials of the donor and the date. Not only that, we will also be posting the details of each expense so that our supporters can see our priorities first hand and how we are growing! Every penny donated to our cause will be used to promote “Free Enterprise Prosperity” and expand our cultural influence. And here’s the kicker, I don’t expect many donations! Not at this time anyway, I’ll explain toward the end of this post.There’s No Limit For Someone With Strong Work Ethic!    

When I first became involved in politics, I made the mistake of believing that if I just shared my good ideas with people, they would jump online and click our donation button every chance they...

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State Lottery Legal, City Lottery Illegal???

That’s A Lot Of Money


Don’t go off thinking I’m promoting gambling here, that’s not what I’m doing. I do however have a problem with the state government giving itself the right to gamble and profit BILLIONS while making it illegal for municipalities to have those same rights. If we are going to have a lottery why not increase the average citizens chances of winning AND increase education funding on the local level at the same time? Don’t get bored; these numbers will blow your mind.

The Texas State Lottery contributed 1.1 Billion Dollars to the Foundation School Fund last year, that’s enough money to give every city in the State of Texas $910,596.00. Yes that says EVERY city and yes that says NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND. That’s just from lottery proceeding!

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The Future Of Community Development

Our focus is to Restore and Develop! I came across a book titled, “When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting The Poor”, by Steve Corbett & Mrian Fikkert. I admit, I haven’t read the book, but I cringe at the term “Social Justice”. It’s “Equal Justice” that we seek, and yes there is a difference.

I researched the concept of this book and printed out literature from the authors that for the most part I agree with. From the perspective of the authors, there are three kinds of poverty-alleviation efforts, which include relief, rehabilitation and development. To distinguish these differences is critical if we ever wish to bring prosperity to communities like ours.

The authors make a valid point about relief; it’s best when it is seldom, immediate, and tempora...

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